Professional Services


Implementation of experimental R&D projects

The general scope of these projects can vary significantly however, they all share some common characteristics. Among the most important ones, one can mention the use of advanced algorithmic and mathematical concepts, very strict timelines, strong focus on results and, perhaps most importantly,  the conceptualization of the intersection of different industries or fields of study. Although challenging, these projects are very engaging and intellectually stimulating. We have extensive experience in such projects and we are always ready to lend a hand or two. Most suited for small technology oriented startups and enterprises looking to capitalize on recent advances in science, technology and research.



The design of end-to-end analytical solutions

We specialize in the full design and implementation of end-to-end analytical solutions. The solutions themselves can be the sole analytical or computational software system of an organization or, a single component of the system with a defined scope. We specialize in the areas of data mining and processing as well as in the design and development of performant, advanced pattern recognition systems for a variety of industries. Be sure to check out the Bl0g and α pages for insights into our vision, approach and capabilities. This type of service is best suited for companies that do not have a focus on technology however prefer having full control over their analytical solutions.



Analytical consulting

We do provide support for the evaluation and usage of our solutions, as well as for any sort of migration or transition from pre-existing analytical stacks. This is not in any way an attempt to lock-in our clients, either through licensing or continuous consulting services. Our end-goal is to empower your engineers and scientists to first, become productive using our code and second, to be able to develop it further in any way they seem fit. Please note that everyone is free to use, modify and share our software and that experienced coders should not have any difficulty in understanding it as well as adapting it to suit their own needs. Best suited for technology companies that wish to or already make extensive use of artificial intelligence frameworks.



We are at this point an enterprise in the earliest stages of development, with a long-term vision. This does not, however, limit us in providing state-of-the-art solutions in a timely and const-effective manner; on the contrary, it motivates us to strive for excellence in our work. Our services are geared towards advanced artificial intelligence with an emphasis on delivering standalone, elegant and high-performance numerical computing solutions using exclusively free and open software. We also aim for our solutions to be platform independent and easily adaptable for scaling downwards to embedded devices and upwards to large cluster computers.


The technology stack we employ relies almost entirely on Julia and its package ecosystem and is designed to run on Unix-like operating systems, such as GNU/Linux and the *BSDs. Recognizing the importance of free software, all our code is and will always be MIT licensed and free to download.


If you consider that Oxoa Research can contribute in any way other than those mentioned above, drop us a line at and we will be happy to discuss.