Oxoa Research is curently an individual enterprise started by Corneliu Cofaru at the beginning of 2017. Its mission is to provide flexible, reliable and performant solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. For information on the services we provide, be sure to check the Professional Services page.



Corneliu Cofaru is an independent researcher and engineer with an interest in various fields of artificial intelligence. He earned a computer science degree from Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania in 2006 and a PhD. in computer science from Ghent University, Belgium in 2012. Before starting his latest adventure with Oxoa Research, he worked for several years as a lead data scientist for a small Belgian fintech startup. Although his primary focus is technology, his personal research interests cover a significantly wider palette of the human understanding, ranging from pshychology and finance to philosophy and art. A short resume can be downloaded here.


You can always contact us at info@oxoaresearch.com and follow on Twitter @oxoa_research.